Education is a profession of service to others and I am a servant leader. My success is not defined by my list of accomplishments, but by those whom I serve. A teacher submitted the following kudos to our Staff Recognitions: “Rose Fraze – For always being a champion for all human rights and reminding us that grace and kindness are the most important assets for us. 😊”. And that is why I do what I do.


Prior to my current position I taught High School Language Arts to all grades and all levels of learners from Special Education team-taught to IBHL English, provided Reading Remediation as a class to high school struggling readers, and served as Language Arts Department Chair.  These experiences not only prepared me for the position of Assistant Principal, but also afforded me the instructional experience needed to be a successful instructor and instructional leader.



As an assistant principal, I am consistently recognized as an outstanding leader in formal evaluations, but more importantly by students, families and staff.  As a result, my responsibility list has covered most everything there is at the high school level from personnel and management to student activities and instruction.  

 My professional experiences also include working in the private sector in Human Resources and Accounting. My diverse skills have proven invaluable as a school leader.


I am passionate about trauma-informed leadership and literacy for all.  I having led school-wide initiatives and presented “Making Literacy a Priority in Secondary Schools” at the VSRA state conference.   I have also presented at the VSSP state conference as well as local and regional conferences.  In addition, in the role of assistant principal, I have planned, led, and facilitated professional development at school and district levels. I am often called upon in the areas of Special Education, Standards Based Grading and Mentoring.


I am still and plan to always be a 'content nerd'.  I love all aspects of Language Arts, English, and Education.  Examples of my academic writing include an extensive educational report focused on trauma-informed leadership practices and our school accreditation report.


I am a strong performer with a proven track record of success, resulting in many successes including Dale City High School Teacher of the Year, Washington Post Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award Finalist, Virginia Governor’s School Outstanding Educator and PWCS Culture Award. As one of two assistant principals selected to the inaugural administrative team at Riverside High School, my leadership significantly impacted the school well beyond my identified list of responsibilities. I am extremely proud of the results –we garnered an amazing amount of recognitions; for the 17-18 school year, I was recognized by the LCPS Special Education Advisory Committee as Outstanding Administrator for Special Education and in 20-21 as Outstanding Inclusive Vice Principal.